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About the Band

Mango Melody  is the brainchild of brother and sister songwriting team Mike and Tracey Stockalper, who hail from Encinitas in North County San Diego, California. Mike and Tracey are notoriously goofy people who for years pursued their own “serious” separate musical inclinations only to find that when playing together what seemed to emerge was music of a more playful, dynamic, fun, and much more life-celebrating flavor.  After spending some time playing and performing mostly cover music around North County San Diego, the duo eventually formed Mango Melody in 2012, and immediately undertook to write original songs.  What resulted was  “Fruit of Happiness”, their first album, now available for sale here.

The duo’s first album has received some wonderful acclaim both domestically and abroad (check out the reviews page).  Two of the songs from the album (“Waiting Room” and “The Beach Song”) have been featured on local radio stations KPRI 102.1 and 91.1 (91X).  Also, in early 2014, another song from the record (“Don’t Be Scared to Try”) was featured at TEDx Encinitas in early 2014, where the duo was invited to performed an acoustic version of the song for the audience.

To see Mango Melody live, be sure to visit the Performances page and pencil one of the performances into your schedule.  Mike and Tracey perform as a duo for smaller events (and private events), but are also often joined by musicians Tim Grenda (guitar, drums, percussion), Tim Hart (bass guitar), and other friends for a fuller sound.


Why the Name “Mango Melody”?

Mangos (also spelled mangoes by some) are a perfect representation of what the band is all about.  Mangos are sweet, vivacious in color, and reminiscent of fun-loving and good times.  As for the word “melody,” the crafting of melody is of prime importance in the band’s style.  The way the band sees it: a song without a melody ain’t much of a song at all.  Mike and Tracey spend many hours writing and re-writing the melodies until they are as juicy as possible, grab hold of your ear drums, and hopefully get stuck in your head.

 . . . More about Tracey

Trubach yoga

In addition to her career in music, Tracey is a well established and highly sought after yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer in Southern California.  She spends much of her time offering lessons and classes through Yoga Tropics (incidentally also a family enterprise owned and operated by Tracey, her mother Margaret, and her big sister Carla), located in Encinitas, California and Pacific Beach, California.  She has trained with many of the best yogis in the world, including Tim Miller, Bryan Kest, Shiva Rea, Kristyan Stjerne, John Friend, Bikram Choudry and many others.  Tracey also enjoys modeling yoga apparel through companies such as Prana, Glyder, Yoga Paws, and more.  If you’re in the San Diego area, come check out one of her amazing classes.  Visit the Yoga Tropics schedule at www.yogatropics.com for more information.

. . . More about Mike

Mikey Radiohead Still

When he’s not spending time on Mango, Mike also teaches piano, guitar, theory, and songwriting at his music studio in downtown Encinitas, Sunset Music Studio (www.sunsetmusicstudio.com).  He is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist (especially as a jazz pianist), songwriter and composer, having obtained his bachelor’s degree in music summa cum laude from UC San Diego in 2006, and having received the Cheatham Prize his senior year for outstanding musicianship in jazz performance and composition.   He has studied with jazz greats such as Kamau Kenyatta, Anthony Davis, David Borgo, and Mark Dresser.  He has also played/performed with artists such as Alaina Blair, the Mattson 2, Chris Prescott of Pinback, Aakaash Israni of Dawn of Midi, David Patrone and many others.


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